DJ NY – HB Records Radio The Mixtape Review – Neek Bucks

DJ NY – HB Records Radio The Mixtape Review . Sometimes a great rapper comes along in hip hop and changes the game . The rapper that’s changing the game is Harlem’s ‘Neek Bucks’.
His new mixtape Here For A Reason is Street certified.
His grind and work ethic is real and unmatched by his peers in harlem hip hop seen. His mixtape is worth listening to.
“Neek Bucks” doesn’t just tell stories he paints pictures in your mind.

For young a rapper his lyrical ability and skills are unmatched.
Make sure you download his new mixtape here for a reason.
Stay tuned in to DJ NY -HB Records Radio This Is The Mixtape Review. NEEK BUCKS


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Neek Bucks Exclusive Interview With DJ NY

East Side Harlem Rapper Neek Bucks dose an Interview with DJ NY in wagner projects On Rugz Ent. I ask Neek Bucks a few question what projects he has been working on and he tells me he got a new mixtape called PROJECTS TO THE PENTHOUSE Vol.1. We are doing the interview as a freestyle so I just ask what ever came to my mind.

Neek bucks music is on point dope hot and all that good stuff u dig . I like the track on his mixtape called Dirty Kitchen that song is nice his flow is hard. Neek Bucks has been featured on Hotter Then Most DVD and he has a movement called XX.

This kid going to be a big in hip hop. I am glad I got a chance to meet him and make a classic YouTube video people are going to watch for years to come. we going to see a lot of music coming from Neek Bucks and he is on his way to that penthouse U Dig.


Neek Bucks Exclusive Interview With DJ NY ON Rugz  Ent

Neek Bucks Exclusive Interview With DJ NY ON Rugz Ent



Neek Bucks Mixtape PROJECTS TO THE PENTHOUSE Vol.1. is the story of an 18 year old up and coming artist trying to make it from public housing to mansions, from rags to riches. Tune in to the journey of Young Neek Bucks from East Harlem on this mix tape hosted by the legendary Captain Oneil