DJ NY – HB Records Radio The Mixtape Review – Neek Bucks

DJ NY – HB Records Radio The Mixtape Review . Sometimes a great rapper comes along in hip hop and changes the game . The rapper that’s changing the game is Harlem’s ‘Neek Bucks’.
His new mixtape Here For A Reason is Street certified.
His grind and work ethic is real and unmatched by his peers in harlem hip hop seen. His mixtape is worth listening to.
“Neek Bucks” doesn’t just tell stories he paints pictures in your mind.

For young a rapper his lyrical ability and skills are unmatched.
Make sure you download his new mixtape here for a reason.
Stay tuned in to DJ NY -HB Records Radio This Is The Mixtape Review. NEEK BUCKS


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5 Keys Before Starting Your Record Label

5 Keys Before Starting Your Record Label

I really am very impressed by the information shared in this book. The author shares some really sophisticated and detailed information- but the best part for me is that it’s in a format that I found easy to learn from plus it’s written really well with a no filler, no fluff style that gets straight to the point. The advice and methods are really professional and I found all 5 key steps to be incredibly insightful and a good way to teach the foundation of setting up a record label.

What I admire about this book the most is the fact that it’s actually written by an expert with over 10 years of actual real working experience, this is definitely much more beneficial to beginners like myself instead of books that are just re-written information that can be easily be found online. It’s almost like getting an exclusive look into what makes record labels successful, which I think is what makes this book so valuable.

Overall, I am very happy that I came across this book – I learned tons of info and the best part is that I think literally anyone that wants to own a succesfull record label could learn a lot from this, while saving themselves a lot of time and money trying to figure it out on their own. The book is ideal for beginners but I think even the veterans and pros could learn some great advice


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