10 Steps for a Successful YouTube Channel

10 Steps for a Successful YouTube Channel

Here’s are 10 steps for a successful channel.

10 Steps for a Successful YouTube Channel
1. Be original and interesting

No one likes a Nigahiga, RWJ or Fred clone
This is especially important if you are posting in saturated genres like “gaming” and “comedy”.
2. Use tags wisely.

3. Don’t be afraid to experiment every now and then.

Keywords are “Every” “Now” and “Then”
4. Have a genre-specific channel.

If your channel is about vlogging, don’t post cooking tutorials, and/or videos of your pet Iguana eating a field mouse.
Genre-specific channels are “cleaner” and more likely to succeed in the long run.
4. Be active and upload regularly.

5. Engage your subscribers/viewers (answer mail, comments, etc).

You should never engage a troll; just block them and move on.
Always ask for constructive criticism.
6. Sub4Sub is a scam; avoid at all costs.

I don’t care what the website says in its FAQ, if it offers you views/subs it’s a scam.
Paying for views/subs is not only a scam, its just plain stupid.
Using these services are a violation of the YouTube Terms of Service
You WILL get sanctioned if you are caught.
Do you understand that this is a scam?
7. Do what you like to do and you shall be rewarded; NEVER whore yourself out for views.

Nobody likes an attention whore.
However, if want to be the next Jessi Slaughter, then ignore this rule.
8. Collaborate with other YouTubers.

9. It takes time to build up an audience, so be patient.

10. Have fun!!!!


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